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With our small team of fitness enthusiasts, product designers and fitness enthusiasts, we are dedicated to transforming fitness equipment into tools tha thelp people live healthier lives. The Home Treadmill is the first innovative product we've designed in 2019 that combines convenience, technology and performance. All the way up to the current treadmill desk, we have continued to optimize our product.

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This product is incredible, it’s super easy to put together, as well as enjoy while watching TV! Sometimes I put it in my office to go under my desk while I’m working portability is relatively easy, and not too heavy. This is a great walk pad for home!

Tonya Gomez

Got this to be able to walk in the winter without being exposed to the cold. It was very easy to set up, comes with remote control. I use it during the evening hours after dinner when I watch the news. It's a bit heavy to move around to put it away after use but it has wheels on one side to help with that.


I wasn't sure if I'd really get a "good" workout with a mini portable treadmill but I was WRONG! This treadmill really has a bit of a kick to it! Don't expect to run as if you are in a race or something but it will build up a sweat doing a light sprint type of pace. I use it daily already and it's a great addition to have for a workout in the comfort of my own home.


I wanted a walking pad to use under my desk during conference calls. This is pretty basic but gets the job done. Plug and play, lightweight, and quiet enough that no one has noticed it on my calls. Great option for the price!


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